2021 – Uptown, Minneapolis. Police from a US Marshals task force including a deputy from Hennepin and Ramsey counties shot and killed a man while allegedly exercising a warrant. Rioting included fires being set to dumpsters and trash, windows being broken, and looting. Police were in riot gear and made 27 arrests on May 3, 2021. Subsequent nights involved more trash fires and street blocking. This resulted in 26 arrests on charges of riot [Jason Hanna & Alta Spells, CNN News, June 5, 2021]. Read More.

2021 – Brooklyn Center; Uptown, Minneapolis. Following the police shooting of an unarmed black motorist in Brooklyn Center, looting broke out at Walmart and other stores at the Shingle Creek Crossing Shopping Center. It also spilled into north and south Minneapolis. Five-hundred National Guard members were called out to assist police.  [Star Tribune, April 12, 2021]. On April 16, 2021 police arrested 130 protesters. Read More.

2020 – Uptown, Minneapolis. Upon the evening of the presidential election, “a few dozen protesters demonstrated against police brutality.” Spraypaint vandalism occured, fireworks were detonated, debris was thrown into the street an small fires were set. Police arrest 14 people for rioting or assault. [Associated Press, Valley News Live, November 4, 2020].

2020 – Nicollet Mall. Police closed in on a homicide suspect on August 6 near the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. The suspect pulled a gun and killed himself. People nearby wrongly believed that the death was the result of a police shooting. They proceeded to break windows and loot businesses down the length of the Nicollet Mall. At least four fires were set and damages occurred as far south as the 4300 block of Chicago Ave. S. Riot police responded and chemical munitions were discharged. A curfew was implemented and 150 National Guard troops were called in.

2020 – 9th Avenue and University Drive, St. Cloud (partially in the TC Metro Area according to Census Bureau beginning in 2000). Following a call for shots-fired, police encountered a crowd of approximately 200 people, blocking traffic and throwing rocks. A liquor store was burgled and looted. There were additional reports of shots-fired and several dumpsters were set ablaze. Police fired chemical munitions and arrested 41 people. Read More.

2020 – Chauvin Police Riots. Marking the death of George Floyd by police who knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, Black Lives Matter took to the streets. In the initial days of the protests, violence broke out, and the 3rd Precinct Police Station was overrun and burned. Dozens of buildings nearby were burned. Hundreds of businesses were vandalized, and some were looted, including Target, Cub Foods, and some liquor stores. Several white youths have now been arrested for the arson, one of which may have trapped and killed an alleged looter. Another alleged looter was shot to death outside the Cadillac Pawn store. A police sub-station was destroyed by fire at Chicago & Lake Street. Arson and looting spread to the University Ave. area of St. Paul. Over 500 buildings were damaged.

2018 – Valleyfair (Valley Scare) Riot. Valley Fair Amusement Park, Shakopee, MN. About 100 Somalis are alleged to have rioted on opening night of the Halloween season, leading to an evacuation of the entire park. It occurred September 22, 2018. It was alleged to have included “jumping fences, spitting on people, stealing, and assaulting people en masse.” Reportedly 263 police were called, including K9 and helicopters. Valley Fair closes early; Shakopee police respond to park after large number of fights. Read More.

2017 – Capitol Mall, St. Paul, MN. An anti-Sharia Law protest by Trump supporters was met by counter-protesters of the group ANTIFA. Six men were arrested for rioting. The Minnesota State Patrol responded. Seven Charged in Connection to Saturday’s Riot.

2016 – Interstate 94, St. Paul, MN. In July, Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the Interstate highway and shot fireworks, rocks, bricks, and bottles, and Molotov cocktails at police. Agencies included St. Paul Police, and the Minnesota State Patrol. Police used riot gear and smoke. Twenty-one officers were alleged to be injured. In total, 102 were arrested. Forty-seven people were charged with riot. Police and Protesters Clash in Minnesota Capital.

2016 – Cedar Avenue @ Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis, MN. A crowd of Somali-Americans protested against K’naan, a rapper performing at a block party, and his support of the HBO series on terrorist recruitment in Minnesota. Items thrown included a glass bottle, a chair, and several rocks. Off-duty police working the event sprayed chemical irritants at the protesters. A Transit Officer was sent to the hospital with a head injury. Two protesters were arrested for rioting. Minneapolis: Muslims riot, throw rocks at police in rage over HBO series on jihad recruitment.

2016 – Central High School, St. Paul, MN. Three school students were arrested on charges of rioting for a fight they allegedly engaged in. The planned fight was publicized on social media. 3 St. Paul Students Charged With Rioting.

2014 – Dinkytown Hockey Riot. Dinkytown, (just north of the University of MN) Minneapolis, MN. Nineteen people were arrested after a hockey team loss at the University of Minnesota on a Saturday night. Activity included thrown bottles, jumping on car tops, two fires, and damage to cars and street signs. About 300 police were present in riot gear, and a police helicopter overhead. Police used pepper spray, a bean-bag gun and rubber pellets, and the mounted patrol. Police: 19 Arrested, No Officers Injured After Gophers’ Loss. Read More.

2013 – South High School, Minneapolis, MN. A cafeteria food fight of nearly 100 students escalated into a brawl between two racial groups. Police responded to thrown objects by using mace to break it up. One teacher was struck in the head with a bottle. Riot at South Minneapolis High School Started Out as a Food Fight. Read More.

2012 – Mall of America, Bloomington, MN. Two men and three boys were charged with riot after a large fight erupted. Eleven people were charged with trespassing or disorderly conduct. Charges Filed In Mall Of America Melee. 

2011 – Nicolett Mall, Minneapolis, MN. On Sept. 10, teen partiers spilled out of a Big Bash 2 party and began to fight. Rioters threw restaurant patio furniture. Police responded in riot gear, on horseback, and used pepper spray. Officers were from the State Patrol, Metro Transit, and University of Minnesota Police. They made three arrests. Mini-Riot in Minneapolis.

2009 – Dinkytown, Minneapolis, MN. Approximately 500 people protested the failure of a headline performer, Talib Kweli, to show for the annual Spring Jam. Fires were lit, cars were rocked to and fro, protesters pushed one another in grocery carts. Alcohol appeared to be a leading factor in the mayhem. Police responded in riot gear. Minnesota College Students Riot After Talib Kweli No-Show.

2008 – Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN. Protesters from the Tack Back Labor Day concert attempted to cross a bridge into downtown St. Paul where the Republican National Convention was underway. “When the crowd was redirected to a different bridge, police arrested nearly 100 people…and also used tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. According to Minnesota Public Radio, police made 284 arrests, with 130 people booked on felony charges, 51 on gross misdemeanors and 103 for misdemeanors.” Mos Def, Pharcyde And Atmosphere Barely Avoid Minneapolis Riot.

2003 – Hockey Riot, Dinkytown, Minneapolis.

2002 – North Minneapolis, MN (26th and Knox Ave. North). Police raided a house  looking for drugs and guns. During that raid, police shot and killed an owner’s dog. An 11-year old boy was also injured in the shooting. Several reporters were assaulted, and several rioters threw “rocks and bottles.” MTC bus windows were smashed. Some journalists’ vehicles were lit on fire. An unknown size crowd participated and at least 20 police officers responded. Police shooting leads to violent protest.

2000 – May Day rally goers (about 400) gathered in Peavy Plaza in downtown Minneapolis to protest capitalism. They blocked traffic and attempted to erect a “tepee-like structure.” They also used a rental truck to block an intersection. About 120 police in riot gear made a couple dozen arrests. Protesters then marched to Loring Park. [May Day Gathering Gets Unruly//Riot Gear Employed to Calm Downtown Minneapolis Rally. Pioneer Press, 1B, May 2, 2000, by David Hawley and Mike Hughlett.]

1997 – A punk rock concert, turned riot, injuring six officers and resulted in 13 arrests. Roughly 150 revelers threw rocks and bottles. Those arrested were charged with inciting to riot, rioting, and assault. The location of the event was a building near Lake Street and Bloomington Ave. S. Approximately 40 squad cars responded.

1992, May 8 – North Minneapolis, MN. Angry bystanders gathered at the scene of a shooting attack on a 15-year old boy. He was shot, allegedly, for the boy stepping on the man’s lawn. Both victim and suspect are black and occurred against the backdrop of the national Rodney King case acquittal. Crowd size was estimated by police at approximately 800. Two others were shot and the suspect’s house was burned. Two police homicide investigators were also attacked. There was jumping on car tops, and a media reporter and cameraman were attacked, one being struck with a brick. Riots In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1992.


1990 – Minnesota Twins win the World Series and mayhem breaks out on the streets of Minneapolis. Fans mount an MTC bus across from the Metrodome Stadium. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac, 1990).


1990 – Minnesota Twins win the World Series and mayhem breaks out on the streets of Minneapolis. Fans body surf into a crowd of people on Hennepin Avenue near 5th Street. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac, 1990).


1990 – Taste of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. “Bands of youths carrying rocks, bottles and even baseball bats attacked dozens of festivalgoers returning to their cars after the fireworks show Wednesday night ‘for no reason at all.’ Police also dispersed hundreds of unruly and fighting youths from a nearby White Castle restaurant and from a public housing parking area where Taste visitors’ cars were being stripped.” [Taste Festival Attacks Called a Nightmare. Star Tribune (Mpls.), July 6, 1990].

1972 – “Eight Days in May,” May 10, 1972; Anti-Vietnam War Protests, specifically, protesting against the mining of North Vietnamese ports. “Some tore down fences, flipped a car and come into conflict with riot police at the scene.” The Dinkytown Riots: Reflecting on the most violent time in U history.

1972 – Gophers Basketball Game at Williams Arena against Ohio State. As the Gophers were losing their game against the ‘Buckeyes’, in the last 35 seconds, players and fans unleashed a beat-down. As debris flew on the court, so did fans and players as the violence unfurled. Players were spat at. Punches were thrown, as was a “knee to the groin.” One Ohio player who was “helpless and viciously stomped” on the “neck and face” was taken away by ambulance. Heavy rock music was piped in over the public address system to the 17,775 fans. Over the door to the locker room shower was written: “Defeat is worse than death because you have to live with defeat.” [An Ugly Affair in Minneapolis. Vault. Feb 7, 1972, by William F. Reed].

1968 – Stem Hall Student Race Riot, Summit-University neighborhood, St. Paul. August 30, 1968. Off-duty St. Paul police providing security at a large dance (500 people) got into a scuffle in which an officer was wounded by gunshot. Police used tear gas and night sticks. “That Labor Day weekend saw 26 arrests, dozens of injuries and three more police officers wounded by gunfire. A handful of white-owned Summit-University businesses were firebombed.” [50 Years Ago, St. Paul Police Tear Gassed a Barricaded Dance Hall. So Began the Stem Hall Race Riots. Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN), August 31, 2018, by Nick Woltman].

1967 – Plymouth Avenue Race Riot. The stage was set when two African American women struggled together following the Minneapolis Aquatennial Torchlight Parade. When one woman ripped the wig from the head of the other, a nearby public bus driver decided no “negroe” would be allowed to board his bus for the trip back to North Minneapolis. Other drivers soon followed suit. This lit the fuse, which was exacerbated during the long walk back to the Near North neighborhood. Glass broke, buildings and cars burned, and the National Guard was called in. Read More.

1966 – Jobs Riot (North Minneapolis). Read More.

1934 – Minneapolis general strike of 1934 (Teamsters Strike). “Police shot at strikers in a downtown truck battle, killing two and injuring 67.” Read More.

1931 – Minneapolis Food Riots. “Food riots began in part of the U.S., including Minneapolis where men and women demolish a grocery store and take canned goods, fruit and meat. The shop owner is injured. A force of 100 police officers quelled the riot and arrested seven people.”  [Great Depression: The Great Depression Timeline]. Read More.

1917 – Streetcar Riots (St. Paul). Read More.