Sauna Parlors

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Sauna Name


Approx. Dates of Operation

Angies Sauna

301 E. Lake St., Mpls

closed May 1990


1617 E. Lake St., Mpls

Bamboo Hut Health Club

5416 Nicollet Ave., Mpls

closed Aug 1992

Big Daddy's (bathhouse)


Body Shoppe Sauna

4414 Excelsior Blvd, St. Louis Park

Carol's Massage Parlor & Sauna

210 S. 10th St., Mpls

May 1969 -

Comfort Massage Studio

Minnehaha & Milton Sts., St. Paul

circa 1981

Cosmopolitan Sauna

St. Paul

Dona Lee's Sauna

715 E. Lake St., Mpls

1970 -

Inner Circle

40 S. 6th St., Mpls

1970 -

Kim's Sauna

1610 Randolph St., St. Paul

1970 -

Kimiko's Sauna

4310 W. 36 1/2 St. (at Excelsior Blvd), St. Louis Park

May 1969 -

Maggie's Midnight Sauna

2734 Nicollet; 132 S. 10th St., Mpls

June 1970 -

Nirvona Health Club

906 Hennepin Ave., Mpls


North Mpls Sauna


circa 1988

Paradise Center

3000 20th Ave. S., Mpls

closed Aug 1994

Paradise Sauna

66th & Lyndale, Richfield


1824 East 38th

Circa 1990

Riverside Health Club


627 1st Av. N., Mpls

~Oct 1988

Sakura Health Club

East Lake St. & Cedar Ave., Mpls

Sauna 27

Susie's (same as Suzy's)

16th St. & 3rd Ave S., Mpls


Suzy's Sauna

16th St. & 3rd Ave S., Mpls

May 1969 -

The Bamboo Hut (sauna)

5416 Nicollet; and later 4516 Nicollet Ave S, Mpls

1968 -

The Bunny Hutch

3130 Excelsior Blvd, St. Louis Park

Vapor's (bathhouse)




This sauna was located at 117 North Washington Avenue not far from Sex World. Yoshiko’s Sauna operated in the early 1990s until it was declared a public nuisance by the City of Minneapolis and forced to close in early 1993. Some of its history is documented in a Minnesota appeal court record. It was not uncommon for the city to engage in “construction” near these sites as a sneaky way of limiting access by customers. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac, circa 1990s).


Site of the former Relax-a-Lounge (sauna parlor) located at 3754 Cedar Ave. in south Minneapolis (corner building, looking northwest). This is the intersection of 38th & Cedar Ave. S. and the sauna was operated out of the second floor. It was run by Rebecca Rand, madam, from at least 1972-1990. It is now closed. [Screenshot from Google Earth).


Protests in 1992 outside one of the oldest “sauna parlors” in Minneapolis, also called “health clubs.” The Bamboo Hut Health Club was located near 54th and Nicollet Ave. S. and was eventually closed down. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).