George Floyd Cemetery is located near 38th Street and Chicago Avenue S. (37th & Park) in Minneapolis. The symbolic cemetery is used, not only to memorialize, but also for fathers to teach their sons about the scourge of police shootings. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac, May 9, 2021).


2020 – Statue of George Washington was toppled and vandalized with red & yellow paint, and cement. The desecration occurred on Thanksgiving 2020 and the statute was located in Washburn Fair Oaks Park across from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The statue and base were graffitied with phrase such as “Land Back” and “Genocidal Maniac.” (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac, November 2020).


2019 – Memorial for Steven Markey who was shot multiple times while driving his car in Northeast Minneapolis. Artificial flowers and a sign indicating “Steve” mark the area in a small park at the intersection of Central Ave. and 14th Ave. NE. (Photo in 2020 by Twin Cities Almanac).


Justine Ruszczyk Memorial

2017 – Justine Damond (née Ruszczyk) was fatally shot by Minneapolis Police officer Mohammed Noor on July 15, 2017. Damond had called police about screams she believed indicated a rape in progress. This occurred in a predominantly white middle-class area of the city. As she approached the squad car in her back alley, one of the officers shot her. This memorial occurred in the days following the killing, near the south end of the alley.


2011 – I-35W Bridge Collapse Memorial. Soon after its completion, the memorial for victims of the 35W bridge collapse was vandalized by having dozens of its brushed metal letters pried from the wall. The resulting damage was estimated at $4,000. [Bridge Collapse Memorial Vandalized. CBS Minnesota (WCCO), [August 3, 2011]. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).