Ghost Bikes

Ghost bikes mark the site of bicyclist fatalities across the country and around the world. They typically are erected anonymously and are spray-painted white. Some have plastic flowers and some have signs indicating the victim’s name. Some even have a photograph or other information about the victim who has died there. There are about a dozen known ghost bikes around the Twin Cities. Governmental authorities often remove memorials that are on right-of-way property. More photos will be added as they become available.


Bike for Marcus Nalls, located near East Franklin Ave. & Garfield Ave. S., Minneapolis. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).


Ghost bike for an unknown bicyclist, located on East 32nd Street near Hiawatha Ave. S. in Minneapolis. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).


An unnamed ghost bike located at Olson Memorial Highway & Morgan Ave. N. in Minneapolis. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).


Ghost bike on 26th Ave S & 22nd St East in Minneapolis for an unidentified man killed in 2018. (Photo by Twin Cities Almanac).

Memorial ghost bike for June Haddow located along East River Parkway near Franklin Ave. Bridge in Minneapolis. The actual memorial has been removed. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Venerus). Read More Here.