Street Racing

2021 – In St. Paul, “…two cars appeared to be racing at Ivy Avenue and Flandrau Street in the Prosperity Heights area. One of the drivers lost control and crashed into a retaining wall and then a tree.” [Double homicide investigation underway after shooting in St. Paul. Pioneer Press, Mara H. Gottfried, January 21, 2021].

Oct 23-24, 2020 – 101 traffic stops; 29 tickets; 22 arrests; 12 firearms recovered; 1 DUI; 4 fleeing police, by Hennepin Cty Sheriff’s Office and other departments. “extremely dangerous and highly destructive”. [22 arrested as law enforcement cracks down on street racing in Hennepin County. Fox9 News. October 24, 2020].

Oct 17, 2020 – In Mpls: 62 traffic stops; 27 tickets; 14 arrests; 4 recovered guns; 4 active warrants; 1 stolen car; 7 weapons arrests, 1 DWI; 1 child endangerment, by Hennepin Cty Sheriff’s Office, MN State Patrol (helicopter), and Mpls Police, Brooklyn Park and Champlin Police.; Ramsey Cty Sheriffs’s Office. [‘We’re going to find you’: Police crack down on street racing in Twin Cities metro. Courtney Godfrey, Fox9 News, October 19, 2020].

Sep 6, 2020 – In downtown Mpls: burnouts down Hennepin Ave from the area of Nicollet Island. Police opened hydrants in an effort to dissuade the activity. [Minneapolis Police Open Hydrants On Downtown Streets To Deter Massive Traffic After Car Show, School Supply Giveaway. CBS Minnesota, WCCO TV, September 6, 2020].

Jul 28, 2020 – Minneapolis warehouse district: motor vehicle was struck from behind by drag-racing car going 100 mph trapping a man inside car. The victim reported “broken ribs, broken shoulders blades and a broken vertebrae” and third-degree burns to his legs. [‘I Felt Both My Legs Burning’: Man Struck By Drag Racer Going 100MPH In Downtown Mpls. CBS Minnesota, John Lauritsen, August 17, 2020].

May 22, 2020 – Blaine: 19 citations; 300-400 cars; Agencies involved included Blaine Police, Fridley Police, Metro Transit Police, Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota State Patrol. [Law enforcement busted massive street racing event in Blaine. ABC Newspapers, Paige Kieffer, June 11, 2020].

May 19, 2020 – Roseville: “Officers requested mutual aid to assist with the unlawful assembly of 400 – 500 street racers. The racers were congregating and drag racing at Rosedale, as well as Rosedale Commons and Walmart. Squads from multiple agencies responded and patrolled the areas directing the racers to leave. Racers dispersed in numerous directions out of the city.” Roseville Police Department. Read Here.

Apr 18, 2020 – Mendota Heights: 400 cars involved. Approximately 100 citations. Reminds residents of tragedy nearly 15 years ago by Sibley High School where kids were killed. Agencies included: Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, Eagan and the Minnesota State Patrol. [More than 100 street racers cited in Mendota Heights Saturday night. Kristi Belcamino, Pioneer Press, April 19, 2020].